Staying informed and in touch isn’t difficult, except for when it is.  I’d like to use this website as a storehouse for all of the various activities and events of the Alcorn/Barrett/Ellison/Pittman collective.

It will be a place record family photos/outings/recaps, as well as to help plan events and attendance through an events manager.  The events manager I’ve installed is more robust than we need and I hope it will help us (me) keep better track of what is going on in everyone’s life.  No more searching through texts to find information- we can host it here.  Whoo-hoo!

This is something we can share with extended family to give another access point for staying in touch with the Kansas Barretts.  There’s a lot we can do with this site, so let’s dream big.  I plan to create a page to host genealogical research, as well.

I love you all,